, marketing solutions by McLeod Publishing, Inc., is a company of creativity looking for ways to enhance your business with custom web design, logos, brochures, custom printing and MORE! web sites use some of the most dynamic tools in the industry, helping your business stay on the cutting edge of web site design. With the easy to use web site management system, gives you the power to easily maintain and update your own web site, saving you time and money. Many of our web site editing features include automated updating, mapping, filtering and search capabilities using dynamic databases and e-commerce. There is no special software needed nor do you need any web site experience to build and maintain your web site from any computer with an internet connection.

Choose the Best provides online web site management solutions. Nobody gives you the amount of control and ease of use that we offer.

Grow at Your Own Pace
When you sign up for one of our web sites, all of our tools are installed and ready for you to manage your web site. Use as many as you need. Create new pages with a few clicks. You can always expand your content later!

Take Control of Your Web site
Our tools enable you to organize and distribute large volumes of information to ever-increasing audiences quickly and easily.

More Value for Your Money
Our monthly fee includes the use of our web site management system plus all hosting charges. Often for less than what other companies charge for hosting alone.

Features & Benefits

Web site Management System (WMS) - Create, Design and Update Your Website all through your browser online. No special software needed!

  • Managed Design™
    • Automatic image resizing and thumbnail creation
    • Empower non-designers to manage content
  • Anyone Can Do It!
    • Point and Click editing
    • Drag and Drop features for quickly organizing information
    • No programming knowledge needed to manage content

  • Manage your own web site anytime anywhere you have an internet connection
    • Add your own pages
    • Upload and organize images, videos and documents
    • Choose from professionally designed templates or create your own site design
    • Custom website design services available
    • Update your website content any time of day. No waiting for web designer to respond to your requests.

  • Competitive Pricing
    • The unique features of our Web site Management System are not available anywhere else.
    • Creating pages costs nothing, compared to custom designers which can charge $100+ per page.
    • Updating content yourself is free, compared to paying an hourly rate to a web designer.